Final Words

I just thought I’d make some final words about the course and what I have learnt from it. If I were to tell you four of the most important things that you must do if you want to solve complex problems they would be: You must have an inter-disciplinary focus; from day one inter-disciplinary has … Continue reading

Week Twelve – Unravelling Population Health Challenges

Reflections and Connections In our last panel for the course, Dr. Lokuge gave a challenging lecture on how she deals with the complexity of curing diseases in foreign countries. What really stood out from her lecture was that Problems aren’t usually isolated, in order to solve them you need to be able to see where the symptoms lie. In … Continue reading

Week Eleven – Unravelling Sustainability Challenges

Reflections and Connections If these problems are complex then the research and policy challenge is by definition different in kind or degree than many other domains — Prof. Steve Dovers I love this quote, it is what this whole course is built on: that when approaching complex problems, conventional approaches aren’t enough anymore you must take … Continue reading

Week Ten – Unravelling Complexity through Public Policy

Reflections The challenge in public policy is blending the abstract with the concrete When people see public policy they want to see results, they want a clear, achievable goal set and a well thought out action plan on how to get there. Prof. Graycar used the example of the space mission, it had a clear … Continue reading